Our members

Our individual members are people who work in the neurodiversity field. Our organisation members work in neurodiveristy, or are neurodiverse-owned, or have a pro-active approach to neurodiverse inclusion. Most members are neurodivergent but not all.


Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Job: Neurodiversity consultant
Services: Talks, workshops, training, coaching
Conditions: Autism, ADHD
Website: www.sparkleclass.com

Mark Charlesworth

Job: ADHD and autism guidance and advice
Services: Talks, masterclasses, advice sessions
Conditions: Autism, ADHD, PTSD, epilepsy
Website: www.markcharlesworth.org

Ben Holmes

Job: Autism and neurodiversity coaching
Services: Public speaking, coaching, leadership development
Conditions: Autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, OCD, depression, anxiety
Contact: ben@autismandneurodiversitycoaching.co.uk

Martin Bloomfield

Job: Trainer
Services: Talks, training, awareness-raising
Conditions: Dyslexia
Website: www.dyslexiabytes.org

Becky Wassall

Job: Catering assistant
Services: Learning disability advocate, research
Conditions: Dyslexia, dyspraxia, social (pragmatic) communication disorder, autism, sensory & cognitive overload
Contact: LinkedIn profile


Diversitus logo


Description: Neurodiversity network
Key people: Matthew Parker, David Atkinson
Services: Employment assistance
Website: www.diversitus.com

Inevitable logo


Description: AI company
Key people: Ben Grubert, Sean O’Mahoney
Services: AI development, tech consultancy, due diligence
Website: www.inevitableinnovations.com