About us

Our mission is to be the leading authority on neurodiversity, and a driving force for positive change.

Our purpose

To be the leading authority on neurodiversity.

To promote neurodiversity education and awareness, encouraging high standards and a positive approach.

To provide an inclusive space for members to support each other, and to openly and honestly debate neurodiversity issues.

To be a driving force for positive change for the benefit of neurodivergent people.

Our values

Accessibility and inclusion

We strive to produce information that is as accessible and inclusive as possible, both as individual members and as an association.

We are pro-actively inclusive, which means we actively encourage membership from marginalised communities. We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination.


We want to provide a reliable place people can go to for information on neurodiversity – as individuals and as part of the NA.

While recognising there is room for debate, we aim to provide accurate, reliable and well-researched information. We also aim for balance, recognising that there are both challenges and strengths within all aspects of neurodiversity.


All the NA co-founders have at least one neurodiverse condition. We use our direct lived experience to inform our work.

Our neurotypical members have experience working or living with neurodivergent people, and they consistently use an inclusive approach.


We always aim to increase our knowledge of neurodiversity, inclusion and related topics. We are unique in that we actively encourage disagreement, in order that we can learn from each other.

We are open-minded and committed to sharing our knowledge and insights with the public. We do this in a way that is transparent, so our information can be trusted.


As an organisation, we focus on the positives of neurodiversity and our group. We recognise that all our members are striving to be their best, often with challenges or limitations.

We celebrate best practice. Where a member needs assistance in aligning with our standards and values, we help them discreetly and with a positive mindset.